SAP GUI things that every SAP Consultant must know

As an SAP consultant, you spend a lot of time using the SAP GUI interface to access different transactions and functions in the system. However, you may not be aware of some of the SAP GUI tweaks that can help you work more efficiently and productively. In this blog post, we will discuss some SAP GUI tweaks that every SAP consultant must know.

  1. Customize the Layout One of the simplest and most effective tweaks you can make to your SAP GUI is to customize the layout. You can do this by adding or removing tiles, changing the font size, and adding or removing toolbars. To customize the layout, click on the “Customize Local Layout” button in the SAP GUI toolbar. From there, you can make the necessary changes to the layout to suit your preferences and work style.
  2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts Another way to work more efficiently in SAP GUI is to use keyboard shortcuts. There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to perform different actions in SAP GUI, such as copying and pasting text, undoing changes, and saving documents. To see a list of available keyboard shortcuts, click on the “Help” button in the SAP GUI toolbar and search for “keyboard shortcuts.”
  3. Save and Reuse Variants If you often run the same report with different input parameters, you can save a variant of the report and reuse it later. To save a variant, click on the “Save Variant” button in the report selection screen. You can then reuse the variant the next time you run the report, without having to enter the same input parameters again.
  4. Use Drag and Drop Another useful SAP GUI tweak is to use drag and drop to move items around in SAP GUI. For example, you can drag a report from the favorites folder to the desktop to create a shortcut. You can also use drag and drop to copy text or move files between different folders.
  5. Use the SAP System Menu The SAP system menu contains a number of useful functions, such as system information, system messages, and options. To access the SAP system menu, click on the “System” button in the SAP GUI toolbar. From there, you can access a variety of different functions that can help you work more efficiently and effectively in SAP GUI.
  6. Use the SAP Help Function The SAP Help function can provide you with detailed information about SAP transactions and functions. To access the SAP Help function, click on the “Help” button in the SAP GUI toolbar. From there, you can search for specific topics or browse through different categories to find the information you need.
  7. Use the SAP History Function The SAP history function allows you to quickly access the transactions and reports that you have recently used. To access the SAP history function, click on the “History” button in the SAP GUI toolbar. From there, you can select the transaction or report that you want to open, without having to search for it manually.

In conclusion, by using these SAP GUI tweaks, you can improve your productivity and work more efficiently as an SAP consultant. While these tweaks may seem small, they can make a big difference in how you work with SAP GUI, and can help you get more done in less time.


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