Purchase Order Reports in SAP

There are a number of reports which SAP provides to trace or check shipped or in-transit Orders from a variety of reports. I have tried to include the most used and most helpful reports available. Feel free to share anything that I missed or you want to include here:

ME2B: Purchasing Documents by Requirement Tracking Number

When an order is created with reference to a purchase requisition, it may contain a requirement tracking number. If you want to look up the orders as per the requirement tracking numbers for a transaction, this tcode will extract the list of such orders.

ME2C: Purchasing Documents for Material Group

This report is helpful while extracting the order details for the articles from an article group.

ME2J: Purchasing Documents per Project

This report will provide you with the orders with a combination of the Database profile, Controlling Area at the Project level.

ME2K: Purchasing Documents by Account Assignment Category

Should you require to extract the orders as per the account category, you can use this report to view them all.

ME2L: Purchasing Documents per Supplier

This tcode helps to fetch the purchasing documents for the given vendor(s).

ME2M: Purchasing Documents for Material

You can look up all the purchase orders having a particular/set of article(s).

ME2N: Purchasing Documents per Document Number/PO number

You can get the details of a purchase order’s status by using this t-code. This will help you see all the “delivered” or “still to be delivered/invoiced” line items.

ME2W – Purchasing Document per Supplying Plant

When you are looking for the orders related to a supplying plant, you can use this t-code to list them as desired.


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