What is the latest fad among the youth of India?

This guy seems to have a really good observation! 😀

Answer by Abhinav Reddy:

  • Buying a Quad-core 1.5 GHz smartphone with Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and 16 mp Ultra Sensor rear camera to take selfies with a 2 MP front cam.
  • Giving picture credits to a clearly photoshopped picture.
  • *feeling* entertained, anxious, heartbroken, smart and determined on Facebook, of all places.
  • The uncontrollable urge to be involved with everything that trends on social media and update his/her status about it. For ex, on May 2nd 2015, every person on my timeline suddenly turned into a Boxing expert (MayPac fight) and for two months or so in 2014, a football pundit (FIFA WC).
  • Supporting a football club because it is the new cool thing to do and mostly because it is winning. Claiming to be a die hard fan of those bankrolled clubs which did not even exist until a few years ago.
  • Wishing their parents on Mother's and Father's Day on facebook, even though they are not on Facebook. The whole concept of "days" for parents is a farce anyway.
  • This was mainly during 2014, but yeah; taking a selfie with their ink-stained index fingers after casting a vote and uploading them on Facebook.
  • Instagram hashtags. #instapic #Iphonesia #instagood etc. Enough said. #Respect
  • Picture comments with those third grade memes. Good lord.
  • and lastly, this!

EDIT 6/12/15:

  • "Six month" anniversaries. Last I checked, anniversaries used to be celebrated after an year, but what do I know, huh ?
  • Starbucks coffee and Instagram filters. Don't even get me started on those.
  • "Mah Life, Mah Rulezz". Yeah, fuck you too.
  • DSLR, Picasa and Facebook Photography pages. The holy trinity from where most of the fads in India got their presence. This is covered in more detail by other answers to this question, so I'll leave it at that
  • Mindless Ice bucket Challenges when they have no idea what ALS stands for.
  • "My first answer with 1K upvotes. Thanks so much guys" Yes, we can see it has four figure upvotes. Leave it at that. Your answer is good as is. Don't ruin it. Just don't.
  • Deep/sad status msgs on WhatsApp. It's not even a social media platform for god's sake.
  • *Travelling from US to India.* *Checkin at every airport you have a connection.*
  • The gross over usage of the word "Awww" accompanied with love and smooch emojis.
  • And lastly, Fake Feminism. The worst of all.

P.S. Please upvote/promote this answer if you like/respect your parents. 1 Upvote = 1 Respect. xx.

What is the latest fad among the youth of India?

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