Windows 8 got a wicked bug!

I know this is quite unacceptable but Windows 8 has a stupid bug. At first I was unaware and didn’t noticed that much earlier, but one day, I got it right! I wanna listen music on my old Laptop (Compaq Presario) which was installed Windows 8 Release Preview for testing  OS on various H/w and found that every-time I start it, there was no sound at all. The situation was like sometimes it gives sound, sometimes it didn’t. I know it was a Bug and NOT ALL computers are facing such problems but still, perfection is a thing.

I just surfed whole internet about sound problem in Windows 8 but found not satisfactory working result, some said driver might be the problem, some told to re-install the windows but all I know was this is just an amateur step to be taken. I got behind the cause; and there, I found a bug! If you wanna start your sound in old devices where it is not available, just start your computer, put it to Sleep and Wake it up again to get full functioning sound. It’s that easy! The reason is that in the old devices, such as Windows XP ready, or Linux based-models, Windows 8 is unable to link few files with the services which are responsible for a kernel to interact with Hardware I/O devices (the file details are with me). When you make a PC sleep, it automatically switch off the unnecessary services thus reducing the processor load and let it get a power nap! When you wake up a PC, it links again several system files such as sound or a display thus running your system effectively.

This problem is possibly found in those systems only which were before Vista or simply not Vista/7 ready. I think the Microsoft team has already noticed this bug and are already indulged in taking out a solution for it!!


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