10 Fun Facebook Accessories

"lol" I am actually referencing someone here! Well, I was googling some Facebook Hack stuff and i suddenly saw "Fun Facebook Accessories" and that are really too cool (personal fav. being Facebook Wall Decal and Like and Dislike Stamps) and yeah they're pretty cool to own! Article - Check it out here. The Author - … Continue reading 10 Fun Facebook Accessories

Fun with Facebook??

The awesome feature Facebook has implemented within its comments and posts is, of-course, Tagging! You can tag any page/person/business/article which have an official page on Facebook. But what about those who don't have a page? Can you tag them - Yeah, why not? You can Tag almost "anyone" or "anything" you would like to. All … Continue reading Fun with Facebook??

Facebook Keyboard shortcuts

Today majority of world is using Facebook. But do you know how to get the "Most" out of it? Well, try these shortcuts with browsers. They'll definitely increase your experience on FB. Try them now!! There are a lot of browser specific keyboard shortcuts for facebook. Google Chrome Shortcuts Alt+1: View your News Feed Alt+2: … Continue reading Facebook Keyboard shortcuts