All that Apple announced at WWDC – June 23, 2020


Home Screen

  • Revamped home screen with new sizeable widgets
  • App Library that categorises all apps at the end
  • Edit pages like that in Android
  • Picture-in-picture on iPhone

Siri and Dictation

  • Revamped Siri with transparent screen without disturbing
  • Increased commands for Siri like sending the voice messages
  • Dictation app uses voice same as Siri to dictate text


  • New translate app to translate from many apps


  • New and more Memojis with face cover and age options
  • Chat groups
  • Inline replies and Mentions like WhatsApp which can be pinned
  • Visual Identity for the chat groups


  • New places for US with look around
  • New countries to be introduced like UK, Ireland, Canada
  • Map Guides
  • Dedicated Cycling experience to be introduced in iOS 14 NYC, LA, San Fran, Shanghai
  • EV routing including charging stops with automobile manufacturers like BMW, Ford


  • New wallpaper options
  • New features like Parking, EV charging, order food
  • Digital Car Key starting with BMW 5 series 2021 edition with NFC. Tap to unlock, push to start; U1 chip for car key
  • Restricting driving profile

App Store

  • App clicks with NFC/QR Codes; easy to discover
  • Light and fast for fast transactions with not installed apps on your phone with less than 10 mb
  • App Clip Code

iPad OS

Redesigned widgets as in iOS 14

  • New Sidebar with quick locations, music
  • Siri design same as iOS 14
  • Redesigned iPad Call screen with a compact notification


  • Universal Search like Mac OS


  • Scribble : hand write and it will be converted to text and shapes
  • Using scribble, it will work with any text field. For example, in Safari.
  • Improvements to handwriting . Example, writing a phone number and tap for actions


  • Auto switching; switching from one device to another as you finish on one device
  • AirPods Pro: introducing the virtual spatial surround sound with head tracking
  • Works for 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos

Watch OS

  • Multiple complex and rich watch faces
  • More customised watch faces
  • Face sharing to share watch faces with friends, family, social media
  • Maps to be updated with cycling directions
  • Dance workout with Latin, Bollywood workout for fitness with advanced sensor identification
  • Activity app redesigned with UI and new name – Fitness
  • Sleep tracking with wind down time and wind down time shortcuts
  • Automatic detection for hand wash

New Privacy Features

  • Data minimisation
  • On-device intelligence which sends which data should be send to server
  • Security
  • Approximate location instead of exact
  • Camera indicators
  • Tracking control with permissions
  • Developers to self-report practises like sharing your data with any other service

Home Devices

  • Automatic actions when you scan a new device
  • Prioritization of tasks that require your attention
  • Adaptive lightening according to day
  • Activity Zones in Camera
  • Face recognition with smart camera, extended to Home Pod and Apple TV
  • Multi-user game experience on Apple TV
  • Picture-in-Picture on TV OS



  • New Design with new UI
  • New UI elements, dock, translucent menu bar and redesigned icons, toolbars
  • Mail app revamped with colours
  • Photos apps has grids, animations are smoother
  • Notifications space combing (new) widgets and notifications, Control Centre,
  • Messages search, memojis/effects on mac. Pinned favorites.
  • Revamped Maps on macOS Big Sur with favorites, detailed view, guides, look-around and friends’ location
  • Mac Catalyst with new capabilities
  • Safari with new elegant design, customisation background, privacy features.
  • Intelligent tracking protection. Extensions can read data as per the user’s permissions.
  • Full privacy protection, tab previews, in-browser translations.

Apple Silicon

  • Scale-able architecture for Mac just like Ax series chips for iPhones, iPads and Watches
  • Apple claims higher power with lesser power
  • Apps with Universal 2 binary that runs on Intel powered Macs and Apple Silicon
  • Rosetta 2 translates the power apps to match the Intel PC
  • iPhone and iPad apps to work on Mac now


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