Forget paid VPN. If you’re a basic home user, OPERA browser can help!

We all agree on privacy. We often come across a time when we are sitting at an airport, or a coffee shop, bored, denying to do anything, or possibly recalled some work that can be finished there itself. There is no denying the fact that a free WiFi doesn’t hurt, but security does. And since we do not want to pay the price for compromising our security later, we can always go for a VPN.

Tip: A VPN can be also used to access the blocked websites on secured networks, such as school, colleges, offices, etc. Although this is an unfair practice and we do not encourage you to do so, this is one of the basic utility of a VPN and it surely can help 🙂

So if you a basic user and is tired of searching VPN software online, only to find out that they offer ads or asks for the premium membership, an Opera can save you.

Go ahead and install Opera. Navigate to settings > (advanced) VPN > Enable VPN.

Doing this will set a VPN button in the address bar. You can choose to turn this ON or OFF anytime as per your convenience.

Please note that whenever you are browsing behind Opera VPN, it will not hide your computer on the network. So do not take this setting as a high security setting, but just to play around.

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