I am not buying the new iPhone no matter what

Here’s an honest confession: I once owned an iPhone 4. For all of two days. Because that’s all it took for me to return to good old Android smartphones.

Source: I am not buying the new iPhone no matter what

Well, this seems one-time legitimate article. But I need to get to publish this on my blog because they haven’t given any space for comments.

Why, HT? Why?

Anyway Rezaul, we will talk when your iPhone 4 malfunctions or in case you need to take it to service centre. I’d love to hear your experience.

Also, for the time being, your points seem very, very clear to me about FM, or the build quality, or numerous features, or storage, or keyboard and much more!

Well, let me try to take up them point by point so that everything gets very clear.

I totally agree with your point of storage. Why don’t they add up a micro SD Card slot? Well, because there’s a reason behind that. There are various types of SD Cards, mostly used ones are class 4 and class 10 cards. Class 4 SD are significantly slower than class 10 ones, and comparatively cheaper. The story doesn’t end here. We all have class 4 SD in our phones (because, price). This reduces the overall read-write (RW) speed to and fro. SD card not only stores music. It has several app data as well. This is the reason Droids often get lag after some time of use. More the capacity of SD more will be the fragmentation. To add pepper, when you use SD, the possibility is there that you may use it with other devices as well and that, have a 40% chance of getting virus and other malware. Apple, don’t like them in an iPhone.
Anyway, every setting, customizations of your phone anyhow gets uploaded on Google drive (in case of a droid) or One Drive (in Windows) or iCloud (in Apple) regardless of SD card’s presence.

Consider FM radio. Well, I won’t comment on your wife’s reaction over iPhone not-having-a-FM, but trust me, it is an added expense, added space, added component, to your Smartphone in the age of 3G/4G where you can simply stream your music. Trust me, I own Moto G 2nd Gen, but I use Saavn instead of the FM app on my device. On apps like Saavn, I can stream new/old music free of cost, and it has a Radio option that uses algorithms to identify similar songs and much-more-than-that! So, that FM app is about the least used apps on my phone. So far, on the  computer, I use iTunes regularly to hear national or international radios and those are, brilliant. Apple has tried to keep frequencies as minimum as possible – they don’t have dual SIM, FM, and many other wireless options. While in case of Xiomi or any other device you buy, consider having a lookup for an amount of frequencies they emit (esp. cheap components).  And FM will NOT work when you connect a Bluetooth headset (it requires a receptor antenna that should be around 30 inches to work properly – carry always a wired headphone).
*in some countries where your device should comply with certain reception limit, these devices you’re talking about, are banned.

Your point of face or voice detection are also to be considered. Well, download any of your company’s apps (say Outlook). It requires admin rights in Android and disables Android’s face and/or pattern recognition login. Why? Because there is a 70% chance that it will be insecure. It can be used to bypass this security login. Android has these options just because it is customizable and any company can bring up their own idea, regardless of how secure it is. Your voice, also, is untrustworthy in many cases. If you are using it (like me), you have already put your phone on a good risk. So, why iPhone don’t give voice or other attractive features? It is going to make your phone vulnerable. You can risk your data as a home user, but you cannot risk your data as an employee or a businessman.

Random fact: Trust me or not, but when iPhone 1 was launched with screen of 3.5”, some of the critics told that this is very big and people will take time to get used to this big screen. They really don’t consider any major change unless there is huge demand!

Random information: I really don’t like to use that keyboard with CAPS every time.

Now see this, there is a buzz about Apple. Fanboys stand for long to wait for the new iPhone. Probably, they don’t know all this, but there exists a company that has crazy fans. Anybody do this for Samsung? Yes, for one flagship killer, One+, they managed to gather the same buzz in the Android world.

We don’t want any killer apps. Android has many useless ones (they’re in the process of removing the same). Also, Apple might not be that secure, iCloud leak if you consider, that was a rare event and it has already been taken care of. You want how can you spy on Android? See AndroidLost.com, made for your security but can be used against you without your notice (it can be invisible). You want how can you spy on iPhone?
Well, tell me also when you learn that.


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