Do Indian men lack respect for women? If yes, what can we do to correct this? (Check details)

Answer by Suchi Dey:

What? No! Not all Indian men lack respect for women, definitely.
But having said that, I feel a lot of them are CONFUSED as to how to behave around women. Consider these situations:

1. They come across women activists promoting gender equality, vouching for things like financial independence and sexual liberation for women. They think, Okay! So I don't have to drop her home after dinner maybe? or I can totally ask her for a casual hook-up, that's not disrespectful right?
But guess what 'mostly' happens when they do it in India? Yeah! You know!

2. They see girls go all gaga over Eminem and Snoop dog, Pussycat dolls eh? But they also see them going crazy mad over Yo Yo's music. Now that is really confusing! What's acceptable? Where's the line drawn? Well, Eminem has some pretty mean things to say to women, yo yo can't even dare go there! Frankly, If I was a man, I'd die of confusion here. No wait, I'll rather just get entertained?

3. Gender roles!! well, sometimes we women go so far in our battle for our 'equal rights' that we forget that we are after all, guess what, women! Yes, not men, but women. We are perfect as we are and we need not be men! It's not a race. I have never seen a man say- "Respect me because I am a man". Then why do we demand respect based on our gender? If I was a man, I would think- wait, why should I respect you again? Because you are a god sent woman like the other 3.5 billion out there? Hell no! I wont. Show me why I should, by being who you ARE.

If you ask me, Women of this country need to maybe chill a little. I know one thing, people who get offended much, can't get things done. We need to laugh few things off, and take seriously what needs to be taken seriously.

P.S. I was not talking about situations concerning domestic violence, rape, or abuse. Those are real issues, involving forced power assertion, mental health conditions and poverty at the core. I was just talking about the hype created around gender equality per se.

Do Indian men lack respect for women? If yes, what can we do to correct this? (Check details)


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