To all Apple fans: What do you like so much about their products that makes you a loyal customer/fan?

Answer by Hamilton Lin:

As a former hard-core Windows user, years ago I said to myself "the day I buy a Mac is the beginning of the end for the Windows."  When I was younger I had time to fidget around with customization. One time I even fdisk'ed my laptop just so I could rebuild it and looking around for the correct drivers was actually an enjoyable challenge. Never having seriously used a Mac computer before, I never actually realized that computers were supposed to just simply . . . work!! Blue screens of death, constant reboots, slower and slower response times were the norm. And finally one day, 4-5 years ago I purchased a MacAir and was shocked, utterly speechless at how simple the machine was and how it just simply . . . works!! And never looked back. I have sworn that I will never buy a Windows computer ever again. Why? Because Apple devices simply function when you need it to. Very little to no learning curve. Other answers have documented some of how MacOS enhances certain features like touchpads, etc so I won't repeat them here.

Unfortunately I still have to use Windows primarily because I have to use Excel for Windows because that is the standard on Wall Street. Although I have mastered Excel for Mac as well, I cannot not use Windows. Which brings me to another key observation – via VMware, Windows is MORE stable on a Mac than a PC!!! How can this be the case? Well, for one, I have never ever gotten the blue screen of death on my virtual machine. Boot time is faster and it hangs less although, granted, this has to with specific specs of the hardware but it's is quite noticeable with similar spec'ed hardware. 

So my answer to the question is straightforward – it is the well thought out integration of hardware and software. Apple thinks about what users would do and designs their products to simply work. For instance, whenever I install a new printer it just simply works the first time. I cannot say the same for Windows. I consider myself quite tech savvy and I always wonder how other not as tech savvy folks get things to work on Windows.

Contrast this with both Windows and android. Microsoft's approach is license out their software and other hardware manufacturers piece it together. Ditto for android on the mobile side. So when things don't work we blame Windows. I believe some of that blame should be placed on the OEMs as I realized that Windows hasn't crashed when running as a virtual machine on my Mac. In either case, this further demonstrates why Apple products are superior – they are carefully thought out and integrated together to, once again, simply . . . work. 

My days of fidgeting and customization are over – as a busy professional who travels a lot, I simply need and want my productivity devices (computer, laptop, phone, etc) to do what I need it to do when I want it to. All while not having to worry about if it'll break on me. For that productivity increase and, yes, extra cost, it is worth it.

Would I like Apple to be less stubborn sometimes? Definitely. Such as bigger screen on iPhone (hopefully the iPhone 6 rumors are true). Such as earlier adoption of USB 3.0 (Steve Jobs – bless him – was adamant about no USB 3.0). Such as more ubiquitous and less customized adapters (mini-dvi port instead of regular VGA), etc. However, when I end up buying an accessory because of the non-standard connections, I almost "happily" pay it because I know everything will work fine, as one harmonious unit. Am I a mindless Apple fanboy happy to juice Apple's margins some more? Nope. I'm just a consumer who WANTS THEIR SHIT TO WORK PROPERLY. My loyalty to Apple will continue to be there if Apple continues to be best of class in their products. If there is another product that is better, I will buy that other product.

Note: this picture of my custom-made iPod coffee table was taken when Steve Jobs passed away (RIP) as a tribute, the only time I felt emotional when someone died that I never met. Since then, my list of Apple devices have expanded to include new MacAir, iPad Air, iPad mini retina, Apple TV.

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