Install Hackintosh on VMWare Workstation 9 (Windows)

10. Enjoy

Hey guys! This post is after a long time, but, lets welcome it with a perfection. So in this post, we will be discussing about installation of Mac OS Mountain Lion 2 on VMWare workstation (version 9 in this case) using iAtkos.

There are already so many instruction guides on Internet that’re available for installing on Oracle VirtualBox. But no, let’s take the Best software. So here is all you need:

Tools you’ll require: iAtkos, VMWare Workstation 9, DMG2IMG convertor, VMWare Unlocker

Laptop/Computer I’ve used: HP Pavilion G6-2006TX

Let’s Get Started.

The Preparation – OS X installer

  1. Before getting started, all you have to make sure is to ensure that the “Virtualization” technology is supported on your computer. To do this, simply enter to your BIOS, and check for “Virtualization/Virtualization Technology” within BIOS Settings (these settings may vary from system-to-system so if don’t have an idea about it, ask Google for enabling Virtualization on your system).
  2. Preparing the Installer: For this, we are going to use DMG2IMG to convert .DMG file to .ISO file for VMWare. For this,
    • Extract dmg2img within same folder containing your .DMG file.
    • Now type the following command to start converting .DMG file to .ISO file: dmg2img -i “iAtkos.dmg” -o “Setup.iso”. This will start the process.


Getting Started – VMWare

  1. Install latest version of VMware Workstation (in this case, I have used version 9) and;
  2. Run VMWare Unlocker (EXIT all instances of VMWare before proceeding)
    • Double-click to navigate to the folder: unlock-all-v110/windows/
    • Double-click or Run the file: install.cmd (for Windows. You may check Readme file for using it on Linux as well)
  3. Create a new Virtual Machine (.VMX) for Mac OS X (64 bit) with the .ISO installer file as: Setup.iso (the converted file).
  4. Create a new Virtual Hard Disk (.VMDK) file to proceed to the installation.
  5. You need to Partition your Virtual Hard Disk in the Macintosh (HFS) Format, so that OS X can be properly installed on that disk. Additionally, you may Customize the installation options/drivers according to your machine (DO NOT select all; it will create a mess). Begin the Installation process.
  6. Complete the post-install process of the Macintosh and enjoy!
  7. Now lastly, mount Darwin.ISO file (located here: unlock-all-v110\tools folder) to Install VMWare tools within Mac OS X. It will prompt you to Restart. Do it and here we’re done with everything. Now enjoy your Mac-On-Windows.

Check out the images below for any reference.

1. DMG2IMG swp swp 4. Setting up Virtual Hard Disk 5. Ready HDD 6. DiskUtility

7. Create Mac Partition 8. Customize 9. Select Customized drivers





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