As an animal lover, I don’t like zoos. I feel the only creatures that should be caged behind bars are politicians, lobbyists, and lawyers. And rapists, but I’ve already listed that three times

December 17, 2012. Another Rape story occurs in New Delhi. According to a news article, that was to “teach her a lesson”, oh well, give me a break – this is NOT a way to teach anyone! I can imagine how their parents would have “taught” them, how their teachers would have and what respect they have for girls or humans in their families! No, first of all, this article won’t make a difference to anyone. I am writing this because I felt some extreme worse for some stranger and I want my feels to be written down here – I don’t care about what Negatives you have for this article.

Everyday some story stories are happening in Delhi itself. Delhi has more rapes than 5 other largest Indian cites combined.  And they call themselves as the Capital of India! Oh f*** you. Delhiites, you think of yourselves as the most cool and super-smart people of India! I think illiterates are much more sensible than you ass****s; at least they know how to protect their daughters & girls, and what respect an individual have. We talk about the year 2020; c’mon, who are we presently will make our future, it won’t be generated automatically. We can’t handle ourselves today, what good can we do in future? Or even for our family? The hunger of inhumane deeds are such deep-rooted in our country and we blame those people living in USA, Japan, Australia that they don’t have any culture! Strange! People, what are you, who are you to blame them? Gather courage to see yourself first.

That was worst news of all time that touched me ever. Sincerely, we all are into making fun, but as a token of maturity, we don’t realise that we have a responsibility to think on these matters as well! A girl updating some status about a politician made her arrest within an hour and the Gang-Rape case has crossed the 3rd day! What this law all about? Is this for politicians who think that the country has been gifted to them from their forefathers? Ridiculous. Poor people are dying of hunger, middle class are worried about their girls, and high classes are the dumb enough to take stand for anything. We love to party, dance, enjoy, make fun, having s**, but at the other end, we don’t gather guts to stand for something! We may protest, a candle-light preferably? But what good will it do? Jessica, was from Delhi, now an unknown girl, from Delhi. Again. Sick we are. We have highest rate of corruption, we don’t have jobs, we don’t care who lives nearby, we are jealous of someone’s progress, we don’t respect our parents, we don’t have value for love, we feel great when someone calls us arrogant, tell me what are we? Insane? Oh c’mon! Well, I am sorry, who would be interested in reading this? Let me leave this here. We all need fun, go, watch some porn, drink beer watching funniest videos on YouTube, but dare, anybody stand up for some responsibility. Or even if someone does, our country has its own over-intelligent Legends who will first “analyse” then conclude that whatever they’re doing is not logical or it won’t bring any change. I, like everyone, have some people in my community who think they are extra-smart. Dude, thank God that it was not your sister or your lover. You might have no courage to live even. Tell the world, we all are cowards. We all are used to situations, we adjust with everything. Nothing matters to us when a girl is raped, when kids are smuggled, when Hotel Taj is attacked by terrorists, when blasts kill thousands of people of any religion. We hypothetically think of ourselves as the most prestigious people in the universe! No matter how much we progress, the crop of selfishness, stupid old mentality and the coward feeling we will always dwell within.

This was the whole story:

  • The bus driver ram singh went out with his 6 friends ( 2 rkp sabzee wale + all bihari ) the girl and the guy was called by the driver and were given proper tickets ( the bus was a school bus with black curtains .. Not permitted for transport use ) the girl was 23 a very good student and wanted to reach dwarka mor.
  • After they got in , the guys hit a rod on the guys’s head and threw him out, then raped the girl one by one which was moving continuously in the posh areas of delhi and ncr.
  • After raping her badly, one of them inserted a very long rod in her v****a which almost killed her and threw her out and ran away.
  • She was lying in the middle of the rod hurt and nude.. NOT EVEN SINGLE PERSON helped her or covered her for an hour.
  • When police came in no one helped them pick her up. They were just not interested at all.
  • The girl’s v****a + small and large intestine is totally damaged and she cannot live a married or normal life. Doctor said ” main bayan nahi kar sakta ki ussne kya kya zheela hai … Bolte hue mujhe dard hota hai “. She has gone in coma 5 times from 16th dec. She is unconscious , critical and is not stop crying. The ribs are damaged as well.
  • That’s the whole story
  • And that’s what delhi people are.
  • And her only fault was that she took a wrong bus.!

“Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? Of course. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don’t get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren’t careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them.


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