Apple is… loosing! (The Sight)

We’re near the end of 2012; and it has been an year since Jobs died! Being a visionary he succeeded in re-inventing the way we’re using our devices today – take an example of Computer, or a Phone, or a handheld, anything. We are using a Phone which has NO Instruction Manual and almost everybody knows how to operate it. Awesome!

The phrase invented – “Apple is Steve; Steve is Apple”.

“We were unable to understand it at that moment but today, we are realizing what those experts meant when they framed this”.

Steve died on October 5, 2011 in Palo Alto, a day after Apple announced the 4S device; and achieved a fantastic figure of selling four million units of the 4S in the first three days of its release. It was entitled as the most amazing iPhone ever – as asserted by Steve.

But just a few days back, in August 2012 when Apple Inc. had a big win against Samsung, the world perceived that the Apple is actually loosing the spark, its vision, the quality mark and the most important, trust in people. September 13th has been decided as the release date for the next iPhone and as usual, we all don’t know what they gonna call it.

I am observing all this since long (being a die hard fan of Apple ; oh sorry Steve!). On the day Steve resigned and then announced Timothy D. Cook as the next C.E.O, I started surfing web and finding out about “Who is Tim Cook?” eagerly. Satisfactorily, I found many of his achievements, his experiences and the way he handles responsibilities, etc. But presently, the condition of Apple in the most simplest words is – a die hard fan of Apple has doubt on the success of the new iPhone successor; and if it’s not this one, then how long. Yeah, that’s totally true! I admire Apple because of it’s fabulous works, achievements and their re-defining theory; but this time (I mean after death of Steve) Apple is loosing its focus, vision, the spark which was there (every-time) whenever it was set to release anything.

The world and the Apple people knows that whatever Apple is today is because of Jobs and Woz; nobody else have that potential to take a company starting from Zero to the most-valuable company in the world! Just as Apple won the case, it was judged that Apple is “needlessly” doing things, creating issues. People started making videos on “what Apple have actually innovated”, funny pictures started to arrive market about Suing for any small entity and people started loosing trust and faith on Apple products. That resulted in today’s scenario.

The image of Apple, Steve created was whole lot different than what it holds today. People used to love Apple products, their services, everything which had a logo of a “tasted” Apple on it, they won Quality Product of the year award along with its lightning fast trending publicity! On the other hands, Apple Inc. today has lost many things – people’s respect and vision most importantly.

Steve just had a very clear vision with the things he wanted to do, with the products he want to make, with the changes he wanted to bring (I’ve read 4 of 5 biographies of Steve) and that’s what he used to do every time. He had Guts to put up other products of the same range and compare them with Apple, show everyone that we are creating the best. He has always got “one last thing” to show to the world, and almost every thing he used to put up created a huge impact on his audience. I remember the energy he used to put up while working. He used to shout on employees but gifts iPhone to every Apple engineer, wrote names of Apple team inside Macs, and visit Apple store personally to seek whether his customers are experiencing “the best” or not. His juniors admit that he is still the best CEO ever and Woz says he had the most awesome time working with Jobs (Critics always have to take out negatives; of course everyone have some imperfections). But the truth is, from the starting of Apple (from a garage) to the day he died, when Apple was producing the best, Steve put on his whole energy, potential to the company that is impossible for any one (even Cook) to repeat.

Analysts already predicted that “Tim Cook Is So Boring That Apple Will Have A Celebrity Intro The iPhone 5 Instead”. Don’t believe? Google the same.

  • Jobs was indeed a great CEO, a representative, and an enthusiastic human. He used to put on all his energy into his work.
  • Jobs never bragged about “Patent wars”; he used to compare openly that this product has this flaw and we have created something amazing (w.r.t iPhone keynote). He was so open with “shamelessly stealing great ideas”.
  • He knew what people wants with their products, how simplicity can be molded with power.

Tim knows everything, like an average CEO of a giant company, but can’t put down his whole energy to Apple.

Steve, Apple and the world, misses u a lot!


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