iPhone 5: They say that Apple will Introduce the iPhone 5 in August 2012

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new Apple iphone 5

It seems that we know the new iPhone model before we expected. The iPhone 4 was launched on 7 June 2010 and was released on the 24th of that month, the iPhone 4S was presented October 4, 2011 and began selling within a week.Everything indicated that Apple would unveil the iPhone 5 in September and October, the campaign ahead of Christmas sales. But a blog generally well informed ensures that the presentation will take place on Tuesday 7 August.

According Know Your Mobile , Apple introduce the new iPhone 5 in a ceremony that will take place on August 7, which also marks the general availability of version 6 operating system IOS, both the new terminal to the Newest previous models. Not specified will be released when the product, but the main advantage of an alleged August launch would take the campaign of ‘back to school’. However, Forrester analyst Charles Golvin has assured to Wired

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