Top things you should do after installing Firefox

Firefox is the most Awesome browser available on the planet (if you know how to use it ‘properly’)! You love Firefox, so we do; and we keep on exploring what should be done to make it even more Awesome of all – in the sense, it consumes much lesser memory, hangs less on slow PCs, browse extremely faster and smooth. And for doing this, God Mozilla has provided us with the power of self-configuration of browser!

Lets proceed. Open Firefox and write in address-bar (the bar where you write “”): about:config

  • This will take you to to a new page and click on: “I’ll be careful…” button and continue!
  • Now in Filter, write: browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewer
  • Double-click it, and change it to Zero “0”

Next, we’ll decrease the RAM usage of FF. On the about:config page

  • Right Click in the page and create a Boolean entry.. New -> Boolean
  • In the pop-up box, enter ā€œconfig.trim_on_minimizeā€. Press Enter
  • Select True and then press Enter
  • Restart Firefox to take effect

Installing add-on will seemingly increase the browsing experience and you will interact with web in a quite different manner! If you’re a Firefox user and not knowing about Add-on stuff, believe me you’re insulting Mozilla! So make the most out of it. Read this post to know more about Firefox Add-on(s).


3 responses to “Top things you should do after installing Firefox”

  1. Okay I’ll bite, why should I do this? What does it do?


    1. ohkkk… “browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewer” will speed up ur browser whn u’v too many tabs open. actually FF stores everything regarding your cache memory, which helps your browsing history faster. if u’ll disable it, you’ll speed up performance by freeing up some RAM space..
      “config.trim_on_minimize” will minimize your RAM usage when browser is minimized!!


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