10 Firefox add-ons which will increase performance and comfort

The Mozilla Firefox is the best browser which can help increase efficiency of our day-to-day work. It not only speeds up the browsing, or eases the way we use the web but also help in tweaking the web experience in the way we want.  Firefox comes totally add-on free but we can customize the browser according to our necessity. It’s simply the best browser any one can experience.

But, always remember that if you over-burden the browser with so many add-ons, you may mess up with the memory and so, chances of crashing increase as well.

Let’s check out some really important and cool add-ons (general) which you can have without overloading computer’s memory and they will, of course, increase performance drastically!

  1. Adblock Plus: This is an amazing add-on for Firefox which prevent the unwanted pop-ups or advertisement windows on some websites. Install this and get rid of annoying adverts and pop-ups. Click here to view video or click here to download.
  2. Video DownloadHelper: This is another fantastic add-on which helps you download any video you’re watching currently over the web! Download this and see how easily you’re able to download videos like never before! Click here to get.
  3. Greasemonkey: You might have heard before of this on almost everywhere on the web. This is a fantastic add-on to customize the web experience in the way you want. Install it, now download the pre-written scripts from the web or develop some of your own, and then experience the difference. Click here to get Greasemonkey add-on.
  4. SpeedFox: This is simply the most powerful add-on to make the best out of your web browsing. If you’re not an advance user who knows “about:config” then this add-on is for you. It will tweak your Firefox settings in such a manner that the browser can use the maximum available bandwidth. Click here to install.
  5. FastestFox: This add-on is simple yet awesome. There are some moments when we have to select a text from the web page in order to search for it on Google, or Wikipedia. Well, most users copy the text to be searched and then open a new tab, visiting google.com and then pasting the desired text. Well, this is too old for Firefox. Just install this add-on. And now, whatever you want to search, just select it and you’ll see a square box popping up. Click any button and here you go. Damn easy. Try it here.
  6. FlashGot: Having troubles in sending any link to external download managers? Well, FlashGot eases your work by giving options of available managers in your computer. Just select any one of them and now you’ll be able to transfer the links to your download managers so easily. Check out this.
  7. Cooliris: This add-on is an awesome add-on for those who love creativity everywhere. This add-on will make a 3D infinite wall which consists of all the videos and/or photos available to it. Click here to get it.
  8. Ghostery: You respect your privacy, so does this add-on. It helps you to find out who is tracking you and view the source of the tracker, or the owner of the website you’ve visited. Check out this amazing add-on here.
  9. SimilarWeb: SimilarWeb is another very powerful add-on which helps you when you stuck with the choice of similar sites. This add-on shows you the sites which are similar to your site and lets you to choose among them. Get it here.
  10. Pearltrees Pearler: Pearltrees is a add-on which organize, discover and share everything you like on the web. The pearler is an extension you can add to Firefox to collect web pages and put them in your account while browsing. Check out this.

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